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Welcome to VMP Films

Best Wedding Photography in Kerala.

Capture the essence of your special day with VMP Films, the top wedding photographer in Kerala, India. Let us transform moments into memories that last forever.


Entrust us with your big day, as we skillfully document every emotion, tradition, and detail of your wedding celebration.
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Let your engagement shine in timeless images and videos that perfectly encapsulate your love story.
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We capture the lively spirit of your reception, from heartwarming speeches to energetic dancing, creating a visual story of joy.
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Beyond the wedding, we continue to tell your tale through images and videos that embody the post-wedding bliss.
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Before the vows, let us create artistic visuals that narrate the excitement and anticipation leading up to your special day.
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Elevate your memories with stunning aerial perspectives, adding a breathtaking dimension to your wedding story.
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We make any idea and wish come true

Welcome to VMP Films

Your Perfect Wedding Photography Partner!

What We Offer:
Our services encompass the entirety of your wedding journey. From the engagement shoot to the pre-wedding festivities, the grand wedding day itself, and even post-wedding celebrations, we are there to capture it all. Our team of skilled photographers is experienced in various styles, from traditional and classic to modern and avant-garde, ensuring that your photographs are a true reflection of your personality and style.

Why ChoosE us

Best Wedding Photography In Kerala

Choose VMP Films for your wedding photography and videography needs, and let us illustrate why we’re the ideal choice

Visual Storytelling

We go beyond capturing moments; we craft compelling visual narratives that encapsulate the essence of your journey.

Meticulous Detail

Our team is dedicated to capturing even the smallest details, ensuring no aspect of your special day goes unnoticed.

Emotional Connection

Through our lens, we capture genuine emotions, allowing you to relive the feelings and joy of your wedding day.

Expertise & Experience

With years of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every shoot, ensuring high-quality results every time.


From traditional poses to creative angles, we blend timeless techniques with innovative approaches to create captivating imagery.

Comprehensive Services

Whether it's pre-wedding excitement or post-wedding bliss, we offer a wide array of services to cover every moment.

Drone Capabilities

Our drone photography and videography add a unique and stunning perspective to your memories.

Passion & Dedication

We are passionate about what we do, and our dedication shines through in every frame we capture.